Realm reading

Realm reading is the type of reading that assist you to find your ‘realm’, your origin, before coming to this life on earth.

Knowing your Realm is extremely helpful in finding your Highest life purpose here.  Who are you meant to be, what are meant to do being on earth, in this lifetime.

If you are coming from Stars, you are an Incarnated Star person, and your life purpose may involve assisting humanity with technology, commangel-1200171_1920unication.  Doing it on ethical terms, that serves everyone on the planet.

If you are an Incarnated Angel, your life purpose involves helping others, as their parent, caregiver, nurse, a doctor.  You care deeply about other people’s feelings.

If you are an Incarnated Elemental:  incarnated Fairy, Gnome, Dolphin or Mer person, your life purpose involves taking care of the planet:  plants and trees, animal kingdom.   You also deeply care about those issues.

Find today, what your Realm is?  Book a session with me, to find your answer and you’ll never see your own life here the same.