Angel Card Reading

Is Angel card reading for You?

An Angel reading is like talking to an old friend, someone who knows and understands you.  If you feel you have a situation in life that will benefit from adding heavenly light and clarity into it, the session IS for you.

You are never along in this life, even if it feels like you are, sometimes.  Angels and God’s Love are always with yoimage-2u and around you.  Having an Angel Session will re-assure you of God’s Love for you, by showing you specific solutions that we will talk about during your session.

During the reading, I – Roza Alicja, work with Angel divination cards as my tools to materialize messages from your Angels and Guides.  Angel cards have specific meaning and purpose, when conveying the message.  They have pictures and loving messages, which makes it easier to see and understand Angel messages.english-garden-rose-arch

We will both tap into our intuition, which with the help of Angels during your session, will be especially high and present.  I, Roza Alicja, will additionally hear messages, see signs and symbols that may have a specific meaning and offer answer to your questions.

So, if you feel that an Angel Intuitive session is something you feel like something you want to try…just call or email me.  Angels do want to help you, in whatever question or concern you currently have.  So, be brave and book your Angel session here


Thank you and to your God’s Blessings.