Welcome to Angel Intuitive session!  What you can expect from the session?

During a session, you will feel calm and peaceful.  Your heart and mind will open to new possibilities in life, for you.  You will appreciate the insight about your dreams and aspirations.  You will also find more clarity on how to solve your current life’s dilemmas.

gardenIntuitive life counseling and/or couching using the gift of intuition, clairvoyancy (seeing the future, past, present), clairaudiency (hearing inspirational messages), feeling and ‘knowing’.

Tarot reading tarot is an ancient reading of cards; coming from Pitagoras. Tarot reveals the past, present and future and it helps to find the right solution for any life problem or situation.

Angels and Divinational Cards reading ever wondered how your Spritual Guides, Angels and Ascented Masters can help you in your life? Book a divinational cards reading to answer any of your life’s question, find the right solution to the problem. Your Angels and Guides want to talk to you, to guide you and help you out. Book a session with them and Alicja.

Mediumship Have you lost your child, spouse, parent, friend, a pet and you’re grieving after their death? Connect with your departed loved ones via Alicja. Her mediumship and chanelling abilities bring you comforting messages from the other side. She’ll also helps you to do properly your grieving process so you will be able to heal safely from your grief.

Past Life Regression Going back in time to heal, improve current life issues. Done via guided past life regression meditation and spiritual healing technique. For example, if you want to be successful in something you love to do in this lifetime (example: writing), you can regress in time to the life(s) where you were successful at writing, perhaps even a published author. You can then imprint that energy of yours (of a successful writer) and bring it back here in your cellular memory. Your writing abilities and confidence will improve immediately, after just one session.

Karma Releasing releasing any past or present negative energy from your life, your body. Creating a better today and tomorrow for yourself. Results are visible immediately.
Psychometry Reading reading from the photographs, documents, or personal objects such as jewerely. Past, present, future.

Additinal Services Chakra balancing, reiki, energy and aura healing, feng shui for your home or work place.

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